When to Redesign Your Web Site

Redesigning a web site is a big project, and it shouldn’t be done without a good plan of action. The most difficult thing for many site owners is deciding when to redesign their web site. Weighing the benefits of having an updated and modern website with the costs, effort and even potential problems you’ll have to deal with can be difficult. If, however, you look at this important decision from all angels you can determine whether or not it is time to make the change or not. While each site is different, the following are a few important things to consider when making this decision.

How Long Has It Been?

Most people do minor updates to their website from time to time, but when was the last time you did a full redesign of the site? If it has been more than a few years than there will likely be quite a few great benefits you (and your visitors) will enjoy from an updated design. In addition to getting an updated look and feel, the back-end of the website will be improved and optimized as well.

It is no surprise that the technology behind websites has advanced significantly over the past several years so this is a great opportunity to start using the latest and greatest software for your site. Things like flash and HTML have been updated extensively in recent years so getting to the latest versions is essential. In addition to simply updating the actual software running these things, the coding which supports this software will also be updated and improved for better performance.

Check Out the Competition

Checking the pages of your competition is a great way to decide whether or not it is time to redesign your website. You don’t want to have a page which looks old and outdated compared to your competition. Visiting the competition can provide you with many great ideas, including whether or not to invest in a site refresh. Consumers today frequently compare products and services side by side, and websites are no different. Keeping your site up to date is a great way to appear superior so customers will be more likely to use your services.

As for Input

It is often difficult to look at your own things and find the problems with them, but others can point out issues quickly and easily. The same is true with websites so asking others what they think is a great way to get honest feedback. The ideal thing to do is ask the actual visitors and users of your page whether or not an update is a good idea. Since they are the ones that will be impacted by the changes, it is a great idea to post a quick survey on the home page asking them for their opinion.

If asking the users isn’t a viable option then asking employees what they think about updating the website can be nearly as effective. Finally, if you don’t have any employees, you can simply ask your friends or family for their honest advice. Getting input from anyone who will give you their honest opinion will help you to make this type of decision.

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