How Design Plays a Part in your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is an essential part of any company, and today online marketing is more important than ever. While most people know that placing ads, using email and social networking and other common techniques are essential, the design of their actual page is often overlooked. Design plays an important role in marketing both online and offline in that it is often what people first see, and as the saying goes, first impressions are everything. Whether it is your logo, your store’s signage or your website design, this is something which can’t be ignored.

Having an effective design can help draw in new customers, and help make existing visitors feel more comfortable and confident making a purchase from your business. It is really no surprise that large corporations spend millions of dollars on market research and design teams to ensure their logo and other image items are perfect. While smaller companies don’t have the same budgets, they also need to be paying close attention to how design plays a part in their marketing efforts.

Website Design

One of the most important types of design when it comes to marketing is website design. When companies today have an old and outdated looking site their visitors will be much less likely to purchase something from them or even sign up for a free mailing list. This is because people assume a poorly designed website is owned by someone who really doesn’t care about the success of the site. High quality sites, on the other hand, can not only ensure visitors see the value but can also help push them to take specific actions.

A good website design will draw the attention of visitors to the points which are most important. If you’re selling an item, this might be encouraging people to click the ‘add to cart’ button. If you’re looking to have people sign up for your list, it could be an area of the page which shows them all the benefits of signing up. Each site will have a different focus, but a great design will always help ensure visitors are doing what you want them to do when they visit your site.

Other Online Design

The website isn’t the only digital marketing that companies today are involved in. Having a Facebook and twitter page are essential and having a great designer will help ensure visitors recognize the business logo and other features when they arrive. This will give them the confidence and trust to be sure they are interacting with the authentic page.

Even things like e-mail marketing campaigns should be designed by a professional who can make sure it looks great and will get the results you’re looking for. A well made email campaign can have dramatically improved results in terms of clicks or other actions taken by the reader. Whatever it is you are doing for your companies marketing, make sure it is well designed and reflects the company and the product itself. This will help ensure customers are comfortable and confident which will translate to improved sales or other action taken by these customers.

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